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CanAm Spyder DEMO DAYS


• Event Hours: 

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


• Event Hours: 

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM 

You won't believe how the CanAm Spyder rides or the rider that it makes you become. It will change any street bike riding experience you have ever had. CanAm has FIVE CanAm Spyder Models available: F3 Limited, RT Limited, RT-S, RT-SE6, and the F3-S SE6. Each model has different options making the customization options making individuality an endless road.

Some of the standard options available is a 6-speaker stereo system to keep the music playing that you love riding to. It also has a new self-adjusting air suspension giving every rider the most plush road ride. Last but not least is the standard luggage bags with the new top case.

Having the opportunity to try one of these incredible machines for FREE is an amazing opportunity that we look forward to GIVING you! We can't wait to meet you and we can't for each of you to see how much fun these street bikes are.

If you don't want to register online you can call 1-844-666-8022 (The CanAm Spyder Demo Day Team).