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Maverick X3

X3 Fast

The 2017 Can-Am Maverick X3 is the latest and greatest in Sport side by sides. With significant upgrades from the original Maverick, the X3 screams performance from every square inch of its design. Compared to the Yamaha YXZ, the Maverick X3 UTV boasts more horsepower at 154hp, and 113 foot pounds of torque giving this off road vehicle the capabilities to out run and outperform the competition.

Maverick X3 Berm Blasting

The focus for this machine has been put into reliving power where it needs to go, and driver control. The turbocharged intercool Rotax ACE Engine will launch you into your seats going from 0-60mph in just 4.9 seconds. The availability of the power is there, but it is useless if it doesn't deliver that power to the ground in an efficient way, bringing results. Can-Am has done exactly that. The Selectable 2WD / 4WD with Visco-Lox X auto-locking front differential paired with intelligent throttle control and electronic fuel injection gives you and explosion of power with every immediate action from the throttle. This monstrous UTV features the new FOX 3.0 Podium RC2 HPG shocks that gives an astonishing 24in of suspension travel, giving the driver and passenger a comfortable smooth ride, while also being able to tackle the gnarliest set of whoops, without compromising control and stability.

X3 jump

Aside from the performance aspects, the Maverick X3 has a sleep design and comfortable seating. The drivers cockpit was designed with driver security, comfortability, and performance all in mind. This off road vehicle commands respect in the class of being a Sport side by side. Being able to do everything from race, climb, and pull through the roughest terrain, it is truly the best Side by Side on the market today.

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Polaris RZR1000XP

It's time to review the most well known UTV on the market; the Polaris RZR. For years the "RZR" has been a staple in the off-road community, bringing power and fun into the hands of anyone and everything willing to get behind the wheel.

Blue RZR

The new 2017 Polairs RZR S 1000 Eps is a technological masterpiece. On the power side, you have a 110 horsepower high output motor that delivers fuel efficiency and torque in the same package. At hight RPM the RZR performs at its peak, producing optimum torque levels at 7500 RPM. The electronic fuel injection also provides instant throttle response giving you the most control when you need it.


Power, without control is nothing. There are tons of upgrades to suspension that help this Polaris side by side claim the top spot amongst UTV's. Walker Evans single stage shocks maintain an even stroke so that the driver experiences a plush smooth ride even through the roughest terrain. The stiff springs help maintain the high ground clearance that makes it possible to ride over obstacles that most competitors wouldn't dare tread over. All in all, the new suspension set up is the best in the business when talking about off road vehicles. Pair these features with a comfortable driving position, easy driving with full power steering, and the new "Extreme Performance On-Demand All Wheel Drive", and you have a leading side by side that can't be beat!

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